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OptimumNano won the lithium ion Golden Globe Awards


OptimumNano won the lithium ion Golden Globe Awards

On January 10, the three-day 2017 Annual Meeting of High-tech Lithium Battery & Electric Vehicles was successfully concluded. With the theme of "China's Lithium Battery Industry Competing in Global Global Competition for Electric Vehicles", more than 800 CEOs of the electric automobile industry chain, CTO, CMO gathered together to discuss the development of new energy automotive industry. The lithium battery & electric car 2017 Golden Globe Award ceremony was held in the same period. As a leading company in the industry, optimumnano was invited to attend and won the good reputation of "2017 Excellent Automation Line of the Year".

optimumnano Wins "2017 Excellent Automation Line Award"

Senior Golden Globes known as "Lithuania Oscars," said the industry is large, high-profile, covering the whole industry chain, one of the most authoritative gold medal in the industry. The theme of the 2017 Golden Globe Award was "Looking for the Powerhouse of the EV Era". Since its launch in September 2017, it has been widely involved and supported by the industry. Participate in the selection of activities of more than 140 enterprises, covering lithium battery materials, equipment, batteries, motors, electric control, car prices and other lithium-based industrial chain. optimumnano has won the annual award for best-in-class automation lines with outstanding results in automated manufacturing.

In 2014, the concept of "Made in China 2025" was first put forward. Now that optimumnano has put the development plan of "smart manufacturing" on the agenda, it becomes the practitioner of the grand strategy of "Made in China 2025" and actively introduces the automated production line to create Wisdom factory. optimumnano automation line from ingredients to packaging processes integrated into one, to achieve the battery and PACK production process fully automated.

optimumnano automation lines in ensuring battery consistency, stability and other aspects played a key role, achieving cost efficiency. To 1GWH batteries production line, for example, can save 186 people, annual savings of 15 million. In the meantime, the 1GWH PACK production line has been reduced from 33 million in the traditional production line to 2.5 million in automated production costs, saving an annual cost of 30.35 million.

In addition, fully automated production line is also an effective solution to the battery short circuit, misjudged parts, poor welding and other power battery production process common problems and improve product pass-through rate, the rate of cell locks to pay and data collection accuracy, improved Battery box collision degree, greatly enhance the quality of optimumnano products. At present, Wotma products defective rate control in less than 900ppm, reached the international advanced level.

It is worth mentioning that, the biggest innovation point of Wotma automation production line is to cover all the processes of batteries and PACKs automatically. Real-time monitoring and dispatching of all stations can realize intelligent manufacturing and have a positive effect on the whole industry.

Accumulate, Fang Cheng Foundation. In recent years, optimumnano has accelerated the pace of strategic layout. It has actively introduced automated production lines into the national battery production base and PACK production base to create a smart factory to promote the automation and intelligence of the power battery industry and lead the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.