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Innovation Alliacnce

        OptimumNano Innovation Alliance was established in Oct., 2013. The Alliance covers the raw materials, core components, new energy accessories, PV power generation energy storage, equipment manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and the new energy automotive related Operation Platform, Financial Service, Colleges and Universities and Research Organization.

        Through the establishment of new energy industry-wide chain of collaboration mechanisms, the Alliance lead the new energy automotive industry innovation development from New Material, New Structure, New Power, New Technology and New Model.

        In line with the aim of “Creating Market, Sharing Resource, Innovation Together, Development Together”, OptimumNano Innovation Alliance will build the new energy industry innovation model, lead the new energy industry scientific development, and cooperate to realize the new energy industry Chinese Dream.

OptimumNano Innovation Alliance members are in the field of domestic market leader, with the core technology of new energy vehicles, the establishment of the alliance to achieve the technical cooperation among member companies.

New Energy Automobile Industry Innovation Alliance is willing to join hands with the government, other new energy automobile enterprises, core parts enterprises, operating companies and financing institutions to create "green transportation" and build a "smart city" to win the future!